Getting things done in 2018!

If there is one thing I am extremely good at, it is procrastination. Especially being a stay at home mom to a whirlwind-toddler, I am always tired and I never finish anything. I can spend years and years talking about how “I still want to do this and that” and not do one single thing to actually achieve it, all while complaining how insanely busy I am. It’s a gift, really. But it’s also a recipe for disaster and I do not recommend it.

I would love to say that I figured out the secret on how to turn procrastinating into action, but I haven’t. I guess it’s an ongoing learning experience and just like all the sucky-but-necessary things in life like continuous healthy eating, exercising every day and putting your clothes away instead of piling it on “The Chair” (We all have a Chair, don’t deny it) , you are going to have to try and try again until you figure out what works for you.

I by no means claim to have it all figured out but I do have a little trick that works for me, try it it might just work for you to:

Figure out what is important! (Such a cool article from Greg Mckeown)

I know, shocker. But seriously. You have a million things to do each day, but you might be surprised to find out that not every single one of those things are important. If you are feeling overwhelmed and frazzled and your catchphrase at the moment is: “Oh my gosh , I just don’t have the time!” you need to prioritize your time! If instead of finishing one thing you half-ass 5 things, you need to prioritize your time! If you are busy the whole day but get into bed at night and feel like you haven’t achieved anything, you guessed it PRIORITIZE YOUR TIME!

Here is the printable I use every week.  The idea isn’t to fill it to the brim with to-do’s, exactly the opposite. I only fill in one or two things under each category. I usually start with the “Goal” section. Think of one thing that you can do today that will make you feel like you had a productive day and that you are living the dream. It could be “taking over the world” or “brushing my teeth”, whatever your need is at the moment, I’m not here to judge. But the main rule is, it has to be YOUR goal. Don’t write “do the laundry” because you feel like you should probably do the laundry sometime this month....week, whatever. That’s what the Important section is for. Write something for you. “Paint my nails, phone a friend, exercise for 10 minutes, write one sentence of that novel you want to write, google suppliers for that business idea you have”, you get the idea.

Under Important I write things that has to happen that day like posting orders, laundry, clean that thing that’s been growing in the fridge…hey, I didn’t judge you earlier! All the mundane but important things. But only one or two things. Even if you have 200 important things on your to-do list, pick the most important.

Under Get Started I write things that I would like to do, but it’s not urgent. Things that I can do ahead of time to make tomorrow easier. For instance, I’m busy sorting through my daughter’s clothes. My goal for Wednesday might be to “Finish sorting clothes”, so under Tuesday’s “Get started” I’ll write “Find boxes to pack clothes and find organisations where I can drop clothes off” so that my time on Wednesday can be focused just on packing clothes. If my Goal is to finish a blogpost on Friday, my Get Started on Wednesday might be to take photos and on Thursday I will start getting the photos and text together.

I find that I waste a lot of time when I’m not certain of what my next step should be, and that is what I’m trying to fix with this print out. Break down your goals into little bit sizes and spread it over the entire week.  You are more likely to succeed when your goal is achievable (small) and you’ve set a deadline.  Even if something small takes you the whole week, atleast you are getting started right?

So download it here, laminate it and reuse it every week. Let me know if it helps you!

Kimono DIY

I'm part of the small percentage of girls that don't enjoy shopping for clothes. I do however get too excited about gorgeous fabric and always spend all my time and money in fabric shops with the intention of making my own clothes....and then I never get around to it.

But then this kimono DIY entered my life and it was just so freakin easy I made about five in one day. The fabric options were absolutely perfect and I just couldn't wait to start cutting into the soft florals.

What I love about this DIY is that there are so many variables. You start off with 1m of fabric and that will fit you just under the hips, middle of the bum. But if you would like a longer kimono you start with 2m. Whatever you want!  If your sleeves are too long, you chop a piece off and make it shorter. Add tassels if you want! Don't want to use chiffon? Use a knitted fabric and make a loose jersey-ish kimono. Or sequins!

Why? Because there is no way of screwing this up. It's the easiest thing ever. The only tricky part of sewing the fabric is when you don't have the correct needle, so while you are buying your fabric ask for a recommendation to what machine needle will work for that specific fabric.

If you are completely lost and have never seen a sewing machine in real life but would still like a kimono, I will be selling them on my Hello Pretty store soon, while stock lasts.

What do you need:

- 1m of chiffon/voile/silk/knit fabric
- scissors
- measuring tape
- sewing maching and matching thread
- a cool podcast to listen to while you make your new kimono, I recommend Awesome with Alison.

This is pretty much a one-size-fits-most vibe. For reference, I'm a size 36.

1. Fold your fabric in half (right side facing each other) and measure 18cm in and 38cm up (from the open end). Cut on the lines.

 2. And stitch. I always use a loose zig zag stitch on the edges and a straight stitch about a cm in.

3. Fold the fabric in half again and find the middle of the top layer, mark it. Cut along the line. REMEMBER ONLY CUT THE TOP LAYER. Have I mentioned that you should only cut the top layer?

4. Try it on quickly. Happy? Now you simply stitch the seams and you are done! If you are struggling with the seams or finding your fabric too slippery, the easiest is to roll the seam a little, pin in place and stitch over that.

If you are making a longer kimono I would suggest making slits to keep it light and airy. Follow the steps as above, but in step 2, don't stitch all the way to the bottom, stop about 10cm from the bottom. Remember to include the slits when doing your seams.

If you are using a heavier or knitted fabric I suggest making the sleeves a bit more fitted. So instead of cutting the 18cm cut straight rather make a  diagonal cut towards the top fold. But always start with the original measurements and adjust as you go along. (Cut too little rather than too much until you are sure, I guess we've all learned that lesson the hard way, right?!)

I'm definitely putting a sparkly, sequins one on my to-do list. I have no idea where I would wear it to but it doesn't matter. I guess I'll be the crazy lady rocking a sequins kimono and tired eyes, chasing a crazy toddler in the Spur.