On a budget: Kimono DIY

I'm part of the small percentage of girls that don't enjoy shopping for clothes. I do however get too excited about gorgeous fabric and always spend all my time and money in fabric shops with the intention of making my own clothes....and then I never get around to it.

But then this kimono DIY entered my life and it was just so freakin easy I made about five in one day. The fabric options were absolutely perfect and I just couldn't wait to start cutting into the soft florals.

What I love about this DIY is that there are so many variables. You start off with 1m of fabric and that will fit you just under the hips, middle of the bum. But if you would like a longer kimono you start with 2m. Whatever you want!  If your sleeves are too long, you chop a piece off and make it shorter. Add tassels if you want! Don't want to use chiffon? Use a knitted fabric and make a loose jersey-ish kimono. Or sequins!

Why? Because there is no way of screwing this up. It's the easiest thing ever. The only tricky part of sewing the fabric is when you don't have the correct needle, so while you are buying your fabric ask for a recommendation to what machine needle will work for that specific fabric.

If you are completely lost and have never seen a sewing machine in real life but would still like a kimono, I will be selling them on my Hello Pretty store soon, while stock lasts.

What do you need:

- 1m of chiffon/voile/silk/knit fabric
- scissors
- measuring tape
- sewing maching and matching thread
- a cool podcast to listen to while you make your new kimono, I recommend Awesome with Alison.

This is pretty much a one-size-fits-most vibe. For reference, I'm a size 36.

1. Fold your fabric in half (right side facing each other) and measure 18cm in and 38cm up (from the open end). Cut on the lines.

 2. And stitch. I always use a loose zig zag stitch on the edges and a straight stitch about a cm in.

3. Fold the fabric in half again and find the middle of the top layer, mark it. Cut along the line. REMEMBER ONLY CUT THE TOP LAYER. Have I mentioned that you should only cut the top layer?

4. Try it on quickly. Happy? Now you simply stitch the seams and you are done! If you are struggling with the seams or finding your fabric too slippery, the easiest is to roll the seam a little, pin in place and stitch over that.

If you are making a longer kimono I would suggest making slits to keep it light and airy. Follow the steps as above, but in step 2, don't stitch all the way to the bottom, stop about 10cm from the bottom. Remember to include the slits when doing your seams.

If you are using a heavier or knitted fabric I suggest making the sleeves a bit more fitted. So instead of cutting the 18cm cut straight rather make a  diagonal cut towards the top fold. But always start with the original measurements and adjust as you go along. (Cut too little rather than too much until you are sure, I guess we've all learned that lesson the hard way, right?!)

I'm definitely putting a sparkly, sequins one on my to-do list. I have no idea where I would wear it to but it doesn't matter. I guess I'll be the crazy lady rocking a sequins kimono and tired eyes, chasing a crazy toddler in the Spur.

Boxy pouches now in store!

New pouches were just loaded to my Hello Pretty store! 
I love making one of a kind prints. No two will ever be the same and that is kind of exciting. 

This print shall be called Freckles.

They are about 15x15 cm in size. Made with painted canvas and lined with a fun, cotton print. The little pocket inside is the perfect size to keep those pesky bobby pins safe and secure. 

This print is named Whispy.

New ideas and designs will be loaded soon, so keep an eye out. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the loop. 

Pamper Box DIY: bath products

Oh I absolutely love being able to make my own bath treats. Taking time for myself is such an important part in being a better mom and wife and well, a better human to all those around me, and what better way than with a little pamper box? This is such an easy project and it's a lovely gift to spoil someone special in your life. So let's get to it!

Mocha Face mask Powder

Why a face mask powder? Because it gives you a little more control over when and how much you want to use. You can even mix the powder with a few different ingredients for different results, like vinegar, plain yoghurt, water or any carrier oil. 

1 tablespoon Bentonite clay 
(When using bentonite clay, never use metal utensils, mix with a wooden/plastic spoon. Bentonite pulls out all the nasties from clogged pores and removes toxins from your skin)
1 Tablespoon cacao 
(Restores skin cells and boosts circulation)
1 teaspoon activated charcoal
(unclogs pores and reduces inflammation)
1 teaspoon ground coffee
(a gentle exfoliator, a good source of antioxidants, reduces inflammation)

Mix it all together and put it in a pretty glass container. Download my tags HERE and print it on sticker paper or cardstock and make a little instruction tag.

To use:
Add a teaspoon of powder to a teaspoon of liquid of your choice (oil/water/yoghurt/vinegar). Apply to your face and leave to dry for 10-12 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and apply a facecream. 

Bath Soak

Nothing better than relaxing in a warm bath with amazing essential oils. You can mix a few together and create your own signature scent or just stick to the basics like I did for this recipe.

1 cup of epsom salt
1 cup of sea salt
1 tablespoon of carrier oil
(I like using grape seed oil or sweet almond oil)
a few drops of essential oil
(We can talk about essential oils until the cows come home, so I'll just leave you with my two bath soak favourites Rose and a YlangYlang-Bergamot mix. Rose is a lovely, romantic essential oil and is usually liked by many. YlangYlang and Bergamot...oh my gosh, I can literally drown myself in those two and I will still need more. It's invigorating and such a happy scent.)

Mix it all together and place in a glass container. Download my tags HERE and print it on sticker paper or cardstock and make a little tag.

To use:
Chuck it in your bath and sooooaaak! (Unless you are from Cape Town because you're not supposed to be taking a bath in this drought! Rather use a handful as a shower scrub.)

Bath Bombs

2 Tablespoons bentonite clay 
(remember to not use metal utensils!)
60 ml citric acid
60 ml baking soda
60 ml powdered milk
(you can leave this out if you want, add another tablespoon clay instead, but you should add less liquid to your mixture as well)
2 tablespoons carrier oil 
(I use grapeseed oil or sweet almond, jojoba is also a good choice. I say 2 tablespoons, but rather start with one and add a little more if you need it.) 
a few drops of essential oil

Mix the dry ingredients together and SLOWLY add your liquid. Literally, add a few drops and mix. You don't want your mix too wet, but it should clump together when you make a ball in your hand. Make sure that you do not add one single drop of water, because it will make the bombs start fizzing and grow and take over your kitchen. I kid not, I speak from experience. Pack the mixture into your chosen mould, tight tight tight! You don't need a ball-mould, look around the house you definitely have something you can use. I use an old mini-cupcake tin. This batch makes about 4 small bath bombs. Let it dry for 24h and then put it in a pretty little box. Download my tags HERE and print it on sticker paper or cardstock and make a little tag.

And that's it! Put everything together in a pretty box, add some cutex or a chocolate or other spoils (Oh hey, Behoudt and Sew&Such goodies? *hint hint* ) and you've got a Pamper Box gift sorted! 

Looking for more bath product inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board HERE