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Let me be clear about something, I've killed a cactus once. That's how far my gardening-expertise goes. So I'm doing this post before I kill all my plants. I'll blog about these green things once in a while, when I learn something new or when I have to replace one after accidentally killing one. So, an introduction:

1. Marigold. An "easy" growing plant that keeps bugs away. So easy infact that I have only one growing...Don't know about the "keeping the bugs away" part, will keep you updated. So far, this one isn't my favourite in my garden-class. It's lazy and not into growing. 

2. How fortunate am I to have so many palmtrees growing in my backyard? Love them. 

3. I have absolutely no idea what these are. I got the seeds as a wedding favour. I love how they are a mix of every shape and size. They're still growing and still alive, I like them. 

4. Green Pepper. This lovely stood in my windowsill, growing silently and completely without hassle. Then one day (after switching the plants up a bit) Green Pepper was COVERED in aphids. Now I know it was the Rocket's fault. The Rocket started it and somehow my poor Green Pepper got caught up with the wrong crowd. It was disgusting. I was disgusted. Green Pepper was embarrassed. How I treated the aphids will be in the next blog.

5. Parsley. Meh. It's a plant. It grows. I like cutting it. 

6. Rosemary. I'm loving this little lady at the moment. Minds her own business and smells great. I'll keep you, Rosemary. 

7. Spinach. What I gather is they don't like growing in a tiny pot. Tough. 

8. I got this plant from my sister. It's crazy, I love it. Don't you think it looks like a little kid with the worst bed-head ever? I pretend it has hair and needs a haircut. (notice the straight-cuts?)

9. Basil Cinnamon. I had such high expectations for this one. It smells divine. And then it got into the "Aphid" crowd and was banished to the porch. 

10. Tomato. What a great guy. Just grows on it's own, don't need a lot of water. Totally not interested in being part of the "Aphid" gang. But likes the tiny spiders. Urgh. But I'll forgive him for that. 

11. Rocket. You scum. Everyone was getting along, nuzzled together on the windowsill. Then I notice one tiny little bug. It's okay, I'll spritz it with water and move it away from (what I thought was) the problem-plant (I apologize, Sun Flower. I know it wasn't you.) Only to notice that Rocket infected ALL the plants around him. He was the first to be banished to the porch... and to get a hair cut. 

12. Oh Chocolate Mint. You smell like a peppermint Crisp and make my tea taste like heaven. You should really respect yourself more and stop hanging out with the "Aphid" gang. It's not attractive.  

Next time I'll blog about treating those sneaky little Aphids...

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