Quick Stretch Dress

Urgh. Stretch fabric. The worst. I've had this big piece of fabric for a few years and yet, everytime I take it out I think: Maybe later. Well, today was that later.

This year I've decided that I can only buy new clothes if I throw out the same thing from my closet. (If I buy a dress, I need to through out a dress, etc). The idea is that I want to get back in the habit of living more simplistic. I don't have to collect and keep everything I see. ( She said to herself...a few times a day.) BUT. Seeing as I want this to be an inspirational experience instead of a total loss, I decided that the only time I don't have to throw anything out, is when I make the clothes myself.

So far I've made 3 dresses, 1 top, 1 skirt. See what happens when you're inspired?

Today I actually wanted to start on another project, but I found this stretch fabric and decided I need to get rid of it. The two other dresses I made ( blog post will follow soon...) is very simple. Stitch two sides, cut holes for neck and arm and there you go! So I applied the same principle. Folded the stretch fabric in half, stitched the sides, cut neck and armhole. Done. EASY.AS.THAT!

When sewing with stretch fabric it helps to use a zigzag stitch and to not pull the fabric when sewing.
1. Fold your fabric in half. You determine the size by how long you want your dress to be.

2. Stitch the two sides. (remember the zigzag stitch and no pulling!)

3. When you're done, fold over again and cut a triangle for the neck. Rather start too small and make it bigger later. You can make it round if you like. 

4. Cut the armholes, I made it 20cm. 

5. I stitched the part under the armholes again, just to make it stronger.  

6. A massive square dress! 

7. That's better! You can make a belt out of the fabric or choose a different colour if you don't have a waist belt. 

See? Easy! Try it and post the photos! 

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