Turning jeans into skinny jeans

I absolutely love Merrick's blog. This girl can do the most amazing things with everyday clothes. So when I saw THIS tutorial about turning jeans into skinny jeans, I knew I had to try it.

I always see awesome things on Pinterest then when I try it...well, not so awesome. (Check out Craft fail if you feel my pain.) So, I decided to try this first with the oldest pair of jeans I have. Which was a good idea, because I always get too excited and instead of moving from step A, right through B, C, D and E...I go from A to B to K. And then I mess it up. But either way, it's a brilliant tutorial and I'll definitely try it again!

1. So, one pair of old jeans. 

2. Turn it inside out and pin how skinny you want it. 

3. I had to do it over again, because I nearly lost a leg with all those pins sticking into me while taking it off..

4. Leave about a cm between the pins and where you are going to stitch, rather be safe than sorry, right? 

5. READY TO GO! Use an overlocker or zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.

6. One leg done! Not too bad. Do exactly the same with the other leg.

7. Both legs done! And then I should've left it at that. But no. All those bunching and wrinkling annoyed me, so I started again. Pinned it reeeeaaally tight. Stitch it reeeeaaally close.

8. And then I couldn't get it off....

Next time I'll follow my own steps down to a T. No shortcuts!

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