Getting rid of aphids and other bugs

After the introduction in my previous post I'll share some tips on how I got rid of all the creepy crawlies that were on my herbs.
I don't likes chemicals, especially on the plants that are in my house. I don't care how organic it is, if I'm not willing to eat/drink it, I don't want it on plants that I'm going to eat later. ( I know, I know, everything else we  eat daily are probably covered in chemicals, but I can only manage those I grow myself)

The first thing I did, was move all the plants outside. Nature knows best! Within a day the plants looked healthier and half the bugs were eaten by other bugs. This is the only situation where I will welcome those tiny-jumping-spiders, urgh! Aphids are a tasty snack to most other bugs and the moment all the aphids are gone, the bugs disappear because there's no more food left. Fantastic!


But then a few bigger bugs started making themselves comfortable. And I decided to use some reinforcements. Everyone suggested chemicals "that are safe to use on herbs", the warning labels on the bottle scared the living daylights out of me. "Use protective gear" was good enough for me to decide that I don't want that on my plants.

Then I found this gem:
1 chilli
1 glove of garlic
about 2 litres of boiling water
Chop the chillie and garlic in a big bowl, add the water and leave it overnight. The next morning you can put it in a little spray bottle and go crazy on those bugs! I kept the chopped chillies and garlic in the bottle and it became horrendously strong, it burns your eyes! So I would suggest removing the pieces. I kept mine for about a week before throwing it out.

 It works wonders!

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