Rainbow cake premix

On Saturday I "quickly" popped into CAB foods with my mom. Quickly, and with no intention of buying anything. Yeah right. I'm not a fan of using premix, but when I saw the entire aisle of premix available, I completely lost it! From bread to cake and pudding and everything inbetween! Lovely! Oh my gosh, and they sell Candy Melts as well!

There are so many colours to choose from for a rainbow cake, but I only have two cake tins, so I chose four. You only need one egg and 50ml of water for each colour. Fabulous! 

You definitely need an electric mixer, seeing that you're going to mix each colour for 10 minutes. So I would suggest getting Twitter or atleast playing some Fiona Apple or Civil Wars in the background to sing your little heart out. (Or if it's a Sunday morning and you didn't make it to church and are feeling kinda guilty about it, some Kari Jobe...) Because it gets quite boring...

Pop it into the tin, into the oven and 15 minutes later you have the most beautiful coloured sponge cake. I even bought the icing at CAB, so there was no hard work involved. I don't like too much icing so I only used  one tub, if you would like to cover your cake completely I suggest getting more. Maybe combine some of their awesome flavours?

(Tiny bags + 1 egg + 50 ml water = beautiful colour sponge)

(buttercream icing)

                                                      (One multi-coloured cake!)

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