Valentine's day cookies!

I couldn't care less about Valentine's day. But I really like having an excuse to bake! (Thank you dear Blog-people for reading my blog and giving me a reason to eat a whole batch of cookies infront of the tv.) So, when I saw (and then bought, because I totally need this): 

at the store, I immediately thought of this: 

( Thank you Pinterest! Unfortunately the link doesn't work, grrrrr.)

So off I went on a teeny tiny heart shaped cookie spree. What a lovely 2 minutes it was. 

And then I realised why you don't see these tiny hearts often. Because it takes For.Ever. So the next time somebody offers you tiny heart cookies, you smile and you say thank you. A lot. Because it's hard work and they deserve a decent Thankyouforspendingallthattimeontinycookies-smile. So I got bored and just used the bigger shapes. The recipe is over here (in Afrikaans, though). 

Don't you just love the red colour? Oh, you can't see it? Neither can I....That's because when they say "Red"  on the little food colouring bottle, they don't mean red. They mean pink. And then everyone tells you you're supposed to use the gel colouring to get a better red. No, I don't want to. I want to buy a bottle that says RED and then have RED icing. You don't buy coffee and then find Nesquick inside, do you? Very frustrating. Rant over. 

Bake some cookies for your Valentine and pop them in a glass jar. Lovely to look at and tastes even better. 

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