Why things haven't been happening around here...

It's been a slow week here in the "office". Being sick, having Valentine's day and watching so many Bones episodes that I now have dreams about solving murders. 

Yesterday I was completely distracted. Nothing is in it's place, I don't know where to start with all the cleaning or unfinished projects. So I do what I always do, procrastinate. 

And therefor, a blog post of excuses.

(Haven't put the iron away because I'm still busy ironing fabric that should've been STITCH ALREADY!)

(We had a 80's party about 2 weeks ago and I still find hairclips EVERYWHERE in the house. Which is weird because in the end I didn't even do the 80's updo I planned...)

(Too hot to put the fan away, so my squishy-mat will be occupied until further notice)

(Pick up your clothes, Ina-Mari! There's a pile off-camera...)

(A lot of eating and tea-drinking...)

(Started drawing, got distracted by the pretty colours...)

(Some reading and sudoku)

(For some reason, only one shoe...DO SOME CLEANING, WOMAN!)

(More eating, which usually happens while watching Bones.)

(More Sudoku. Notice the circled numbers next to the blocks? That's because I pretend it's a competition and each block is competing in the race to win. It made sense at the time. And I can't stop.)

(Playing with the doggies.)

(My mom gave me these. Gosh. Excitement Overload.)

(Bit of this and bit of that. Stuff that should've been put away by now.)

(Old books and fabric.)

(There's way too many of these missing, which makes me get up and leave what I'm doing so that I can go look for them...*sigh*)

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