Design Indaba

Have you been to the Design Indaba this past weekend? It was amazing! I should've taken photos,but I only had my notebook. Here's a few of the designers that I found very inspiring and absolutely fascinating.

Anomali : 

It's a spoon! A necklace from a spoon! Look at that detail, isn't it amazing?

I love planters. I love porcelain. I love blue. How can this NOT be my favourite thing?

I love the idea of Milkshed: Reclaimed wood turned into the most beautiful objects and then all profits are donated! How cool is that?

It's a Rawbot! Made from scraps and other pieces full of character. The cutest thing ever!

Wooden lockers! How beautiful! I can't imagine how much fun I'll have in my work space if everything was packed away in these lockers.

The most beautiful fabric, made into little wallets, cushions, aprons and even wallpaper! 

Click on their links, like their facebook pages and start making your shopping lists. Go! Support them!

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