Freezerpaper stencils

I don't know how I lived without freezerpaper. Every time I make something I'm still in awe at how easy it is. This time I made a tote for my friend Emilie because I'm very late with her birthday present and need something awesome to put her presents in ( So Emilie, when you read this know that Colie and I have your present ready and it's inside this bag!)

First up, choose a design and trace it to your freezerpaper (on the paper side)

 Gather all your patience and start cutting out your design. It takes a bit long, but this is the hardest part of the whole process. 

When that's finished iron the design shiny side down onto your fabric. Don't use steam and make sure you hit all the tiny little corners so that it sticks perfectly. 

Start painting! I like using this thingy, I find I can control it better than a paintbrush, but you can use whatever you like. 

Let it dry and peel of the paper.

Et voila! Easy! Then this was sewn into a bag and I popped Emilie's presents inside. Better than wrapping paper, right?

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