Stitched polaroid frame

I love polaroid photos, but the film is so horribly expensive that I can only settle for the frames. Our wedding photographer, Nadine Aucamp, gave us this photo of our wedding printed like a polaroid, so I decided every photo on our fridge will need a polaroid frame! 

Last night my friend Kim gave me a photo for our fridge of this little cutie, Emma. So I knew I had to make a quick frame for it.

1.You need two squares, use any colour you want and measure the size by the photo you're going to use. Remember that you are going to sew the sides close, so leave a bit extra above and under the photo.

2.Measure about a cm from the sides and about 4cm from the bottom and cut it out so that you have a rectangular window.

3. Sew one of the sides, but only the top layer. Put the two squares on top of each other and sew the other three sides.

4. See? Looks like you've sewn all four sides but one side is still open.

5. Use the piece that you've cut out to see what part of your photo will show. Cut away until your photo fits in your frame. I wanted the photo to fit quite snug  so I only cut off some of the sides.

6. Add a magnet if you want and there you go! 

PS. Happy 9-months dear Emma! You're such a cute little girl and it's lovely being a part of your life!

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