Tattoos...and Jesus.

I love tattoos. Love 'em love 'em LOOOOOVE 'em! I'm such a baby though, one is enough (for now). I'll never actually get the sleeve or the hand-tattoos I so badly want, because I'm so scared! After watching Pink's new video, I'm completely in love all over again:

I've been following the A Beautiful Mess blog for some time now, and I'm obsessed with Elsie and Emma and their style and their creativity and Elsie's sausage dog, the beautiful recipes and decor ideas and oh, of course, THEIR TATTOOS! I firmly believe that you will never need another blog EVER if you start reading theirs. A few photos from Elsie and Emma's tattoos:

It's a polaroid camera! 

(Obviously every crafter needs a few spools of thread...)

(Pincushion and buttons)

Isn't this the most beautiful thing ever? It's a vintage hand mixer! Totally getting one in my next life when I have more guts! 

I have one tattoo:

The meaning brings us to the question I get all.the.time: "Tattoos? But you're a Christian?!"

My tattoo is an olive branch and symbolizes peace and grace. Two things that I prayed for my entire life. Peace in my heart, to learn to forgive, to let go of the hurt and anger I had so much of. And grace, grace for myself, to stop putting myself down and grace for other people who've hurt me so that I can forgive and share my peace with them. Two things that I so desperately wanted. Two things I only got once I became a reborn Christian. I chose a tattoo because I wanted something permanent. Something that will be a part of my skin, my body for the rest of my life. A little symbol that will always remind me that without Jesus there will be no peace and no grace. Do you know what grace is? Do you know what peace feels like? It's better than anything you've ever experienced. The fact that Jesus died for us, because He had so much love and grace is so above and beyond worrying about "Tattoos?But you're a Christian?!". If you're worrying about what other people are doing because it's not "Christian" you are COMPLETELY missing the point of Christianity. The whole religion is based on "Because God loved the world so much..." I'm not perfect, my body will never be perfect, my actions, my thoughts, my testimony, nothing will be perfect, but I have peace and grace with myself to know that it's okay. And I have peace about the fact that God will help you too, and grace to let you find the path yourself without judging. 

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