The week that was Part 1

I have to break this post up in two, cause this past week went by pretty fast and I didn't get time to blog(I've actually been making a list on my phone of all the things I need to write about...such a nerd.) Oh, and some of the photos are phone-photos. Even worse....BLACKBERRY photos. I know.

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1. The best husband EVER surprised me with Freezerpaper! If you're from the States or UK you probably don't get my excitement, but we (in South Africa) don't get freezerpaper lying around in the shops like you lucky monkeys! We have to buy it all the way from Amazon. Tough life. Anyway. I was HYSTERICALLY excited, I mean have you seen what can be done with it? South Africans, freezerpaper is well, freezerpaper but it has a paper side and a shiny side, if you iron the shiny side to your fabric it sticks (without leaving any residue when you remove it) meaning STENCILS! Hooray! BUT then I got the worst performance anxiety (it's a thing, okay) and stared at it for 3 days without touching the box. I was just completely overwhelmed with the possibilities. You'll get a blog post and tutorial soon, yaaay!

2. What do you do with 42 bananas?  You freeze them and get up every morning bright and ridiculously early to make your husband a banana smoothie. Because that's how we roll. Seeing that he bought me freezerpaper and all.
Smoothies. Never really got into them. Until I start making it myself. So I pop in a banananana. (couldn't resist) Some milk, a handful of muesli and a squeeze of maple syrup. The best! Not the healthiest, but it still feels good to start the day with a fruit. You can also use frozen bananas for ice cream or banana bread.

3. Sweet potato fries is probably my new favourite thing in the whole world. Chop 'em, throw it in a bowl and mix with a dash of oil (You can use as much oil as you want, I don't like oily food so I'll never use more than a dash) and spices or whatever. I used "Rosemary and Olive" spice/salt. When all pieces are covered. put on a baking tray and in the oven for 12-15 min on 180 degrees. Turn the pieces over and back into the oven for another 12-15 min. And done!

4. Now that I'm doing wholesale I'm spending more time actually making things. I've always said no to wholesale, but the last month I got so many requests that I decided, screw it let's do it! So, now you can order Sew&Such products for wholesale! Hooray! Send me an email if you would like to know more. Right now I'm making 60 of  my drawstring shoebags for a Mother's day event. How cute is that?

5. It's almost time for our MARKET on the 6th of April, I'm so excited to show you all the things I'm working on. Obviously the basic Sew&Such goodies, but also DRESSES and TOTES and if I have time left even shoes! Joining me is Suikerbossie, they make the cutest jewellery and are so creative! We're going to have cookies and cupcakes, some artwork and most definitely TEA! It'll be the best place to buy gifts or just to spoil yourself a little. Send me an email for directions.

6. Less than a month left for the COLOUR CONFERENCE! This will be my third year going so I feel I have enough experience to say: IT IS AMAZING! There is something so magical,so strong about standing with thousands of women across the world in praising our Lord and connecting with each other. It feels like an army, just a very girly giggly army. Check the promo and if it speaks to you, you better get your cute behind to Grand west on the 12th and 13th of April. If you are going you better come say hi when you spot me!

7. Xavier Rudd is coming to Cape Town and I'm beyond excited! It's Friday night at Kirstenbosch if you still want to get tickets. It's going to be so awesome to spend some time with my friends and have the best picnic food AND LISTEN TO XAVIER RUDD!

Okay, that's it for part one!

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