Getting back to my house

I really missed my house. My home. It was a crazy month, I worked hard, we went away and there were a lot of events. And then came the market. All in all, I really neglected my home. My garden. My blog. So this week I'm diving back into that. 

I've been making a lot of soup to freeze. I make lists for everything especially meal planning, but sometimes I work late, or I'm way too lazy. Then there is nothing better than remembering the soup in the freezer. The easiest is Butternut soup. There are so many recipes that you can try, but mine is probably the easiest. And it freezes brilliantly!

One whole butternut, peeled and sliced. 
Some paprika, curry powder and I like "Garlic and Herb" spice. 

And that's pretty much it! Pop the butternut on the stove and cover with water. Boil until the butternut is soft, drain most of the water and start squishing. I use a blender now, but I use to make it with a masher. Add the spices, just taste the soup every now and then. If you've drained too much water you can add a bit until it's the right consistency. Done!

For some reason we started eating it with a side dish of oven baked chips. The best ever! The other soup I like to make is Bean soup (Boontjie sop), but that recipe changes every time I make it. Still need to find a prefect one! 

I've been picking tomatoes like crazy out of my garden. It's amazing! But we don't really eat that much tomatoes, so I'll probably make a tomato smoor with it. You don't have to use the smoor just for sausage rolls, I used some smoor from a previous batch ( I freeze everything. Everything!) in the cottage pie I made last night because I didn't have onions in the house. 

I've also planted carrots and lettuce today. I'll keep you updated! I planted some watermelon pips some time ago, just because I was curious. The plant is getting quite big, so I had to plant it over into the garden today. Who knows what will grow there...especially since we are moving into winter. 

Point being, I really love my house. I love making food in my kitchen. I love picking herbs and veggies out of my garden. (We've been eating spinach,rocket and basil in EVERYTHING lately.) I even love doing the laundry and making my whole house smell like Stasoft. I kind of feel like this little girl when I'm in my house:

Don't you just love her? 

I plan on being all domesticated for the rest of the week. Next week I'll get back to work and update everything that needs updating. Until then, I'll go read some more recipes and gardening tips online...

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