We had a market!

I was so excited to put together my first house market in our new little house. It is definitely something I want to do more in the future and this first market was such a good (and successful) experience that I'm very excited to start planning the next one. My dear friend Yolandi (from Coco Cotton and also one half of Suikerbossie ) was kind enough to take some snaps of all the pretty goodies we had.

Thank you to Suikerbossie, Nicoliene Esterhuizen, Skaakmat, Mariette van Tonder and Riola and Joy for helping me make this market so successful. What a lovely experience working with you talented ladies! Thank you to each and every one that came, whether it was just to support or to spend all your money... You're keeping our dream alive!

Oh, and thank you to the best husband ever. Seriously. If he's in your team, you can conquer the world. You're amazing! You bless me more than I deserve.

Enjoy the photos!
(Leather bags from Skaakmat)

(Beautiful leather brooches from Skaakmat)

Sew & Such (Heeeey, that's me!)

Scarves from Suikerbossie , wooden bead necklaces from Riola and Joy

(Cupcakes! My fave red velvet recipe, obviously. The chocolate cupcakes I tweaked a bit from a recipe I got in an Afrikaans magazine, Sarie)

(The artwork on the left is from Nicoliene Esterhuizen)

(Quick snap my brother took. *sigh* I love my house so much.)


(Yolandi baked the cupcakes on the left and the chocolate and peanutbutter cookies on the right is also from a recipe I changed a bit.)

(Don't you just love the facial expressions in the top photo?)

(Elizabeth, the other half of Suikerbossie, wearing their earrings and scarves.)


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