Taking photos of stuff.

I studied photography. No seriously. The fact that it wasn't for me is probably the reason why pulling out a camera and taking photos of what I'm doing is really the last thing on my mind when eating. So I would suck at Instagram, I guess. But yesterday the husband and I went to Stellenbosch and had brunch at one of my favourite places, De Oude Bank Bakkerij. And I figured I might as well give it a try. 

Beautiful teapot,cup and wooden saucer. Look at that wooden spoon!

I could sit here all day! 

So only at the last bite did I remember I was suppose to take photos of my food. And only after I saw somebody else take photos of their food...

Love these chairs and my favourite handbag from, Skaakmat. 

BREAD! It's beautiful isn't it? 

Well, can't say that it wasn't fun. But I would much rather just spend time with my guy or whoever else I'm having a meal with than taking photos of everything around me. 

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