August and everything after

Can you believe we are almost done with August already? Only 4 months til Christmas!

The biggest news right now is that our family got a little bit bigger. We adopted a 5 month old sausage dog, Stella. She is the cutest. She chews on She falls asleep in the strangest places. She's absolutely obsessed with running water, I can't water the plants without her trying to get her head in the stream of water. She ate one of my garden carrots. She runs around in circles for a good few minutes,I think it's because she's training for the Olympics.

Oh no wait, I've got even bigger news! I'm working on a secret project, a new line of Sew & Such goodies that I'm SO EXCITED about! I'm doing a market at the CLF's women's day on the 31st of August and I plan on launching it on that day. It's so exciting that I'm not going to share anything until it's finished. The only thing I will tell you is that wood is worked into it somewhere...Guesses? 

I just made 80m of bunting for Aristea res in Stellenbosch, which got me kinda excited about bunting. I know, right? I'm so delayed. Anyway, I never wanted to make it because it looked like sooo much work, but it wasn't that bad. So I'm definitely considering throwing that into the mix. Obviously with a Sew & Such twist. 

Have a good week everyone! 

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