The month of September

My next market is only at the end of September, BUT it's the whole weekend! So if you can't make it on Saturday, I'll still be there on the Sunday. Hooray! 

This will be my first time selling the new jewellery range at the Doilie Market. I'm very excited to see the response. 

In the meantime, I'm updating my shop on my own website, so that you can simply send me an email with the code of the item you'd like and after some exchanging of details and money I'll send it your way! (Even all the way across the ocean, anywhere in the world!) Double Hooray! The shop is pretty much just a way to show what I have in stock right this moment. Seeing that I'm not always able to respond to emails that start with: "So what else do you have?" I can now simply direct you to my shop! 

Have a lovely week everyone!

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