Banana ice cream

I've seen this witchcraft on Pinterest lately about making ice cream with bananas (How many of your conversations start with: I saw this on Pinterest...) What? How can they even put those two things together? Bananas and ice cream. Don't they know what ice cream taste like?

But then I saw this over on Not Enough Cinnamon's blog:

and I was sold. You can dip a piece of cardboard in peanutbutter and chocolate and I'll eat it! So I figured if I add some peanut butter and chocolate to the banana "ice cream" it might taste less banana-y and more like something I'd actually eat. 

The first time I tried it, I peeled the bananas before putting them in the freezer. Don't. It's snotty and brown and just, no! So don't peel 'em before you freeze 'em. (Har har).Leave it until you forget about it, it becomes a rock hard banana. Make slits lengthwise with a sharp knife, that makes it easier to peel a frozen rock-banana. Pop it in a processor. ( I don't have a processor because I live in the stone age, so I used two forks to mash it up, if colonial women can churn butter on the wing of an aeroplane
you can mash a banana with a fork. Don't be lazy!) 
Then the fun part starts. 
Add anything you like! I like to add (not all at once,obvs) caramel yoghurt, nesquick, peanut butter or honey. Blend (process/fork/shake/whatever) everything together and pop it back into the freezer for about 30 minutes or so. And that's it! I didn't take photos because we usually eat it after dinner and bad lighting conditions make for gross looking banana ice cream. It's good, guys. Really good! 

Here are a few other recipes I found on The Kitchn. (I'm especially interested in the banana-nutella recipe...)

(Yeah, see? That's the photo that's supposed to go with this post!)

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