Eggshell Gardens

Did you know that eggshells and the carton that eggs come in are excellent planters? Because it's biodegradable and it adds some extra nutrients to the plant it's perfect for transporting the little plants straight to the soil.  
If you're as lazy as I am about recycling this might be the closest some of you will ever come to saving the planet. So:

Save your cartons and shells! 
So what if your windowsill looks like this after a while:

If you've ever tried growing plants from seeds, you'd know it can be very tricky. Mine usually die when I plant them over into bigger pots. That's why this is so perfect. When your plant gets too big for the shell, you can simply crush the egg a bit and plant the whole egg-n-plant in the ground. 

Using the carton is just as useful because you can simply tear each compartment loose and plant it just like that. The little roots grow right through the carton. 

(That's a teeny-tiny root over there!)

 A few things to remember: 

  • If you want to use your shells as planters, remember to wash them really well. You definitely don't want residue-egg baking in the sun...
  • Make a tiny hole at the bottom of the egg for the water to drain so that you don't drown your plant.
  • If you don't want to use your shells for planters, you can crush it and throw it around a plant that's been attacked by snails and worms, like this:

Poor plant! 
Snails and soft squishies don't like the sharp shells and the shells will add some extra nutrients to make your plant stronger.
  • You can add the shells and the cartons to your compost heap as well.
I've started with basil and lettuce and they are still alive, hooray! It really is the prettiest thing to see the plants growing in the windowsill. I'm thinking it will be such a cute gift for a friend that's also into herbs and gardening. You can grow 6 different egg-n-plants (that's my new name for these things), pop them in a carton and wrap with a pretty bow. 

Happy planting! 

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