Hey! Remember that time...

I didn't know deleting the photos of Google+ automatically deletes it from the blog? Jeeeez. What a freakin mission. Isn't that just the stupidest thing you've EVER heard?

Yesterday I changed everything on my Google+ account to private. Last night, all I saw on my blog was a grey, no entry sign. Here's what happened.

When you have a blog you automatically have a picasa acount as well (So I've learned.). Now, the same photo that you post on your blog goes to picasa and Google+. When you change the security settings on picasa or Google+ then it changes the photos on your blog as well. That would be perfect, if I actually WANTED ANY OF THOSE! I don't want Google+, I don't get it, I don't understand what the incessant need is for people to create programs and apps and whatnot that should connect us with people we probably don't want to be connected to. Get out of your house if you want to be social, stop doing it in front of a damn computer! It would make sense that my blog is the primary way of selecting the privacy setting, seeing that that is the only one out of the three that I actually use! Apparently there was a warning box... I'm sorry, I don't speak computer-geek. Maybe a " If you click on this, your blog will have no more photos" warning might've been more efficient.

Urgh, rant over.

Point is, it was really tricky to fix it. Not that it was difficult, just annoying to find out what's going on if you didn't know those three are connected. (From all the responses I got after googling it, I gather I'm not the only one that didn't know that.) So, here's my advice: Switch of your computer and go live in the woods! If that's not an option, here's what you do:

If you deleted any photos on Google+ or Picasa, I'm sorry. You can stop reading here. Your blog is over. Goodbye. Your photos are gone. Gone Gone Gone.

If you simply changed the settings to private, Hooray! There is hope! Don't even bother going to Google+, it will just frustrate you and you'll end up screaming, pulling out your hair and kicking the cat you don't have. Go to Picasa and change the security settings back to "Limited, anyone with the link". And that should fix it!

Good Luck!

Oh, and I'm on Etsy now, hooray!

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