New products! Hooray!

After taking some time off in January, it feels good to start the year with new inspiration and a lots of great ideas.

I'm going on a complete cross-stitch-craze. I love it so much, my grandmother would've been very proud! Here is the new fox-pendant I'm working on.

Another thing I'm very excited about is the pencil bags. 

I love the crazy colours, I love the patterns, I love having a thing to put stuff in. (As if you don't know what I'm talking about, ladies. We all collect bags so that we can buy more stuff to put in said bags. Don't we? Don't you? Okay, just me then. ) I made them just before the Treasury Market, and sold out most of them, so I'm in the process of making more.  

To have a look at what I currently sell you can pop over to facebook, or my website or on Hello Pretty. I'm in the process of doing the Etsy-thing. Hooray! I'll be at the Treasury Market in Stellenbosch again on the 1st of March.

Have you heard about Snapscan? Because I'm totally getting with the times and doing that as well. It's an amazing app that allows you to pay with your phone. Download it, set up your account and you're done! It's super convenient when I'm doing markets because I don't have card facilities. 
So when you get to my table, you simply use the app to take a photo of my sign, my shop automatically opens on your phone and you type in the amount. I get a confirmation text and we're done! Hooray for clever people making my life easier!

Have a lovely weekend! 

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