Gold painted shoes DIY

Two things I've never really cared for, shoes and gold. 
I blame/thank Pinterest for the change of heart. 
It probably helped that I found a gold fabric paint that I'm completely in love with. So needless to say, everything that can be painted in our house will probably end up being gold.

I bought these shoes at Mr Price for R70 and decided to give them the gold-make over. Stella obviously helped...such a talented goofball.


It's quite simple. You need shoes, paintbrushes, paint in your choice of colour and masking tape or whatever that black tape is that you found in between your husband's stuff.

Tape it and paint it! To heat set the paint I thought about throwing it in the tumble dryer. But the tumble dryer being downstairs and all...meh.

Ta-daa! Stella gives it two paws up! 


  1. Aw, so cute! They make me think a bit of the Kate Spade/Keds collab... you should do polka dots!

    1. Yes! They are so cheap, think I should definitely make a few pairs! Love the dots and would love a stripey pair as well!