I'm getting an assistant!

Well, technically I'm growing an assistant. And she will probably be more of a distraction than actually helping. But hey, I bet she'll be real cute so that's got to count for something right? And maybe model a few new ideas mommy is working on? *hint hint*

To God all the honour, we are completely humbled by this amazing miracle of growing a tiny human. Even though my diet consisted of  eating my body weight in crackers and only drinking ginger water, she is healthy and perfect, no cracker shaped head or anything!

I've just finished the CY Market, which was amazing! Well done to Anso-Mari Schoeman and her team for creating the most beautiful event. I was so honoured to be a part of this lovely market. Thank you for supporting me! Were you there? 

I'm working on a few new projects, which is taking forever! I'm only now starting to feel human again and can look at a computer screen or a sewing machine light without feeling nauseous. I can also stay awake long enough now to form a complete thought! Oh the joys! So things are looking up and new projects will be launched soon. Watch this space! 

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