Inspiration Roundup: Christmas

Can you believe Christmas is only two months away? If you're like me, right about now is the time that you say to yourself: "THIS year, I'm starting my present shopping early!" And then you don't...

BUT NOT THIS YEAR, amiright? So here are a few thingies I found on Pinterest that might inspire you to get into the DIY-for-Christmas mood.

1. Earrings from paperclips. These are so cute. Who would've thought that something as silly as a paperclip can become earrings? There are so many options, use any colour thread or yarn you can find and make your own colourful creations.

2.Cold pressed soap. These might be a bit tricky if you are just starting out with soap making. But there are so many wonderfully easy tutorials on the internet about making soap. If this inspires you, definitely give DIY soaps a google-search. Make a few coffee, lavender, rose or lemon soaps and place it in a pretty box with a see through lid. 

3. Clay Planters. I'm definitely making these! Whether for myself or as a gift, I'm completely in love with anything that I can plant stuff in! I love the little house shape and the little cactus plant just looks amazing in it. 

4. Bath Jellies. Looks easy enough. I'll probably skip the glitter since there is nothing I hate more than glitter on my body. But you could just leave the glitter out and instead of making hearts just squeeze it into a pretty glass container. 

5. Red Velvet Choc chip cookies. Make some cookies for a quick Christmas gift. These Red Velvet ones are the perfect colour for a festive treat. 

6. Potato stamp wrapping paper. Make your own wrapping paper with potato stamps and brown paper. Pretty isn't it? 

7. Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce. This sounds absolutely lovely, seeing that the husband doesn't like garlic or tomatoes, I can make a whole pot just for myself! I'll probably eat it on everything or just with a spoon. Who knows? Make it for the foodie in the family and decorate it with a pretty bow and tag. 

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