All kinds of new!

So many new things happened in the last two months, I can't believe we are in May already.

First, I finally had that baby that decided to bake a little longer. I never got what the big deal was when women went over their due date. I mean, you've been pregnant for like ever, what's an extra week? Let me tell you, another week is pretty much the same as an extra month. The fact that most people keep asking if the baby is here yet does not help...stop asking!

So at 41 weeks I was induced, completely heartbroken because since I haven't started dilating at that time, I figured it's going to end up in a c-section. We started at 22h thinking, hoping, praying that something will happen. At 2h I was 4cm dilated and already looking forward to an epidural. After an injection to ease some of the pain I fell asleep for a bit, only to wake up feeling that I want to push. When the nurse checked me at 3h she nearly fell over, because I was fully dilated. 35 minutes later and my little...well, smallish 3.6kg baby was in my arms! Craziest and best experience of my life! I definitely had the easiest birth ever, so so so thankful! A few more detailed posts will still follow about the 6 weeks after the birth.

After wanting to do it for the last few years, I finally had three screens made to start screen printing. I'm so ridiculously excited to start printing my own fabric and return to the sewing part of Sew&Such. Now I just need to figure out how to hold a newborn while screen printing...

I'll post a few photos the moment I start printing but for now I'm going to go squish that baby and kiss her cheeks!

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