Quick breastfeeding cover/infinity scarf DIY

This past weekend I sat in a toilet cubicle to breastfeed my tiny baby. I've never felt so grossed out in all my life. It only took a few minutes to realise I'm gonna have to find another solution.

The average breastfeeding covers only cover the boobs and the baby and it's a constant fight to keep everything covered at the sides. The other issue is that I'm finding it very hard to find breastfeeding clothes, meaning if you have to lift up your top you are completely exposed. They really don't make it easy on us, hey? So!

I googled and Pinterest'ed and found this solution. An infinity scarf breastfeeding cover! Seeing that we are moving into winter in the southern hemisphere I'll probably wear it as a scarf most of the time. 

The piece of fabric I used is 1.5m x 85 cm. You don't have to use stretch fabric, but I can imagine it will make things a lot more comfortable. 

Simply fold the fabric, stitch the short side close and you are done! I used an overlocker but you can use a zigzag stitch as well.

You can throw it over one shoulder...

Or cover both shoulders. I made a knot in the back so that the neck is a bit smaller and won't fall off while breastfeeding. Sorted! 

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