Wreath table setting DIY

I made a few wreaths for my stand at the Lilliput Market this past weekend. When I got home they were still so pretty, I knew I had to use them again. I loved using them as "underplates" but they are so versatile, you can use them again and again.

I used fynbos, but another great idea is using fragrant leaves. A wreath made from eucalyptus leaves are beautiful and can be hanged in the shower to ease congestion. Or maybe use rosemary/lavender leaves and make wreaths for the bedroom. Fern leaves are also a good option if you want something simpler. Play around,the options are endless.

To make one of these you need florists' wire and tape and your leaves or long stemmed flowers.

Deside on the size you want and bend the wire accordingly. Use the tape to tie the ends.

Now start weaving! Start with your longest stems first until the wreath is covered, then move on to the "fillers".

Keep going until you've covered all the wire and you are done! 

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