DIY: Long tail scrunchies

You are either team scrunchie or team hell no, but there's no denying that scrunchies are having another moment in the sun.
I love that this time around there are so many variations that you don't have to stick to just the plain one you've known since your younger years.

My favourite is the long tail/scarf scrunchie. My hair is pretty much always in a mom bun or a ponytail, so anything that adds a little extra prettiness or colour is a win in my book.

The absolute best part is, making your own one is super easy! 

Here's what you need for the scrunchie:

45cm x 10cm Soft fabric of your choice (I used an old scarf)
a piece of 17-20cm elastic
Sewing machine (Or sewing thread and needle if you want to rather do it by hand)

Here's what you need for the tail:

2 pieces of soft fabric of 30cm x 10cm or even better if you can cut one 60cmx10cm piece
Sewing machine
clear nail polish ( optional)

You can choose if you want to add the tail to your scrunchie. Both work pretty well on their own as well, so you have at least 3 options.

Fold your fabric in half, lengthwise, right sides together. Sew closed, leaving the short ends open. When you are done, flip the tube inside out.

Use a safety pin to pull your elastic through the tube and stitch the elastic close.

To close the scrunchie, fold the rough edges over on one side(2) and use it to cover the other side.

Top stitch your scrunchie closed and you're done! 

Now for the tail:

If you are using two separate pieces, sew them together so that you have one long piece. You can sew the edges to stop them from fraying or use clear nail polish and paint a little bit on the sides. Just remember to wait until it dries! Fold the tail in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and stitch the middle.

And you are done! Simply tie the tail to the scrunchie or use it as is and tie it around your ponytail. 

Lino printing

A few months ago I did a fun workshop with Little Grey Wolf about lino cutting and printing. She explained the process of designing repeat patterns and how to work with relief printing. We designed and carved our own lino block, and then printed a fabric pouch. 
I absolutely loved learning a new craft. It's exciting to have another way of printing fabrics and making my sewing work just a bit more personal. I also find it a lot more forgiving than screen print which is always nice. ;-)

I've been making a few fabric products with the new lino printed designs. You can also have a look at my Hello Pretty store to see more. 

I've always played around with paper as well, and I look forward to exploring that a bit more.